Access Lightspeed

Email Account Changes
In 2007, YourTech, LLC (d/b/a Access Lightspeed / ceased providing dialup Internet Access.
As a courtesy to our customers, we migrated all active email accounts to Google. YourTech plans to keep these email addresses active in perpetuity.
Email can now be access directly through or

If you are using a desktop email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, you will want to make sure that you have the following settings in place. 

  • Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server - Requires SSL
    • Port: 993
    • Requires SSL:Yes
  • Incoming Mail (POP3) Server - requires
    Use SSL: Yes
    Port: 995
  • Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server - Requires TLS
    • Port: 465 or 587
    • Requires SSL: Yes
    • Requires authentication: Yes
    • Use same settings as incoming mail server
  • Full Name or Display Name: [your name]
  • Account Name or User Name: your full Gmail address ( Google Apps users, please enter
  • Email address: your full Gmail address ( Google Apps users, please enter
  • Password: your Gmail password
Instructions on setting up most desktop email clients is available here: IMAP POP3. Those instructions are for generic gmail accounts. You would want to ensure that you are using the server names listed above for a seamless transition. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Regards, John Hogenmiller -- YourTech, LLC